Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hi everyone,

I just got into Albuquerque Saturday, after being away for 6 1/2 weeks, the difference I see in my mother is in her spirit. When I was here last time I tried to have a couple of times to talk about the future and mom was not having it! This time she is open to more than one day in advance, I see this as a wonderful advancement. Physically she is also getting better, she is starting to have a lot better control of her body, her mussels are still weak so that is what everyone is focusing on, getting stronger. (I never really got that we have up to 2000 different mussels, and mom has to work on them, almost one at a time.)

It is great to be back with her,Holly and Steve. Holly and Steve have basically put their lives on hold to take care of Pinky, I am extremely grateful to them as I am sure my mother is too. An average day consists of getting up at 5:00am for pills, most likely changing of her briefs also because she is voiding quite often at night. At 9:00am is when we start to get her out of bed but first she needs some more pills and a little breakfast which usually a yogurt and a shake. 10:00 is out of bed and starting with exercises, Steve is her drill Sargent he is wonderful with her since he is not her child she can not manipulate him as easy as she does with Holly and I. They work out for about 4 hours, it is not consecutive, in between she has lunch and needs to be chatherdized 3 times a day. When she is not doing something she tries to nap since keeping her energy up is key. Mail comes late in Alberquerque about 4:00, this is a really big time for Pinky she loves to read her mail from her great friends and family. At night we put her back into bed for dinner and she really enjoys TV.

This was a day without going to re-hab. When going to re-hab they still work out at home but it is mostly stretching they do not want her to get too tired out. They have to put her in the truck, Steve up to now is the main transfer person (he lifts her by him-self, by using balance and her own weight.) Mostly re-hab is at 12:00 and 2:00, 1 hour for Physical therapy and 1 hour for occupational therapy with an hour in between to rest, this is when they usually run out for lunch at either McDonalds or Burgerking and they all have something on the $1 menu. Re-hab is three days a week the other four days are at Holly and Steve's. Holly also spends many hours ordering supplies and calling Dr.'s, Therapists, massage Therapists and so many other peoples.

I thought you should know why Pinky doesn't have time to call her friends, it is because she is very busy getting better.

I will be here for the next few weeks and I come out as much as I can to take a little stress off my sister and of course to help my mother. Gene and I usually switch spots.

Pinky's oldest daughter, Beth.

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  1. Hello everyone at Red Neck Rehab!

    We can all see and deeply honor you all for he wonderful care you are taking of the Pinky we all love so very very much. I continue to offereprayers for everyone there and know someday we qill all look back at this time as one in which we all grw and all learned to cherish one another more. Pinky is getting stronger each day physically, and we know here love filled spirit in invincible.
    Hugs and Kisses to all
    Love Tricia aka. das neighor