Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank You All


I'm not sure if people are still looking at Pink's blog now that she is there, but I wanted to take a minute and tell all of the wonderful people who have been so supportive, THANK YOU. Pinky has some wonderful friends and now that I know her, I see why. She really is an awesome person and an amazing spirit to be around.
Pinky was fortunate enough to have a very good situation for healing and strengthening and that is because of all the support you guys gave. What we were able to do for her simply would not have been possible without all of her friends support. During the 16 months she was here, I never ceased to be amazed at not just the support being offered, but the consistency of the support. It was simply amazing and I learned a lot about life and relationships by just being near the Pink. You all rock and a BIG thank you again. Take good care of the Queen! The Beaver is Out.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pinky is returning to New Jersey

Sound the trumpets and alert the media, Pinky is coming home. Air plane tickets have been bought!!! She is doing much better, she is back to re-hab and swimming, but more important than that she knows that she needs to heal both physically and spiritually. For the spiritual part she needs all her wonderful friends around her.
Holly and Steve are going to fly her home in mid February. They will be staying in New Jersey for a week to help with the transition.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello Everyone,

Pinky has been a bit better since she started the Antibiotics. Yesterday and today she went outside in the sun and called some old friends and worked out a bit. She is not were she was with her strength in October but hopefully she can get back to were she was and beyond quickly. The plans still are to come back soon. Gene is waiting with the house all ready. We will keep you informed as we all know it.
Sincerely, Beth

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it has been so long since anyone has updated this. I(Beth) was here is October and when I left I didn't think I would be returning to Albuquerque to visit mom, Holly and Steve again. If I was back it was to pick her up or help her get packed, but I am back for a visit, this time I brought Page along.
Pinky wanted you all to know that she has had a major set back for the last 3 months. She has had a recurring bladder infection that she had to be hospitalized this past week for. The hospital sent her home after 3 days but she still is getting a intravenous drip for at least one full week maybe two. Her spirits have been really down for the last few months along with her health, she has been experiencing unbearable pain. This is why she has not called any of you and this is also why she has not come back to New Jersey. We are all hoping that she will be coming home in a month, if this round of anti-bio tics works then she will be starting her journey back.
We all would like to wish you a great New Year. We are praying for a better 2010 than 2009 for our-selves.
Pinky wants you to know that she loves you all, and thanks you for the prayer and love you send her. She would also like to know if the grand-children could please stop growing until her return.
Sincerely, Beth

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear Friends

Dear, Dear friends...Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged. I haven't been feeling up to par due to my urinary tract infections. I am getting so sick of being sick. It makes me beyond uncomfortable and very depressed. That is why i haven't called much. On a brighter side, I still am fighting like crazy to beat this tone thanks to steve and hollys hard work. For fun, I started driving the truck. I can do it. It was so exciting. I still don't want to drive where there is a lot of trafic. I am afraid after the fall. I have a lot of fears i'll have to overcome. Gene is coming out next week to help out. Steve's mom needs an operation. It will be a good test to see how well he can cope with my body. I want to come home soon but until i can handle this pain i have to stay here. I am seeing a doctor tomorrow to see if there is some medicine i can take to help me out. I am starting to use canes to walk instead of the walker. It is so much easier for me. Steve has been working realy hard to get my etsy store up and working so please forward it along to all our friends. I like to work when I can.

Update: (Steve's writing now) Pinky's made 3 days without significant pain. That's a really big deal for her. Her current UTI is responding to antibiotics now and we will begin a preventative measure when she's all cleared up. The doctors and all of us have strong hopes this will prevent the frequency of the UTI's. More than half of her battle has been overcoming the Tone which greatly increases when she has any sort of infection or really any irritation at all. She works really hard and makes truly incredible progress when all is well. When it's not, it's not and we focus most efforts on pain management and although she continues to work while sick, the Tone really hinders all efforts. It's a stubborn thing. The past few days have been amazing. It seems the new efforts to to tackle the tone may be paying dividends. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and remain optimistic. We were able to adjust her occupational therapy exercises today as her body was different than it has been...in a very good way. Her muscle position literally changes when things improve. She completed other exercises that were simply out of the question just days ago. And she's a really good driver.

A quick note to all of you supporting Pinky's efforts. Thank you, Thank you. I can't think of a better spirit to be helping. She has incredible will and gives it her all always. She inspires me daily and all of ya'lls thoughts and prayers inspire me as well. It's not always easy to keep people close to your hearts when they're away, so for all the die hard Pinky supporters, a big hug and thank you. I see your letters weekly and it amazes me and in many ways gives us all the strength and fortitude that's neccessary. It's easier when you're caring for angels.

Regarding the etsy site: It's up and running at www.pinkyart.etsy.com. We are adding new things every chance we get. Please take a look and let all of her friends know. There is some pretty fun stuff there.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello Everyone,

I (Beth) am back at Red Neck Rehab. I have been here for a few days, mom has another urinary track infection and it really hits her hard, both her body and her spirits. I and Steve are a little under the weather so the feeling is pretty grey, but mom still managed a 'Pinky Party' today she had 5 women over plus Holly and I we made a colage of who we are now and who we will be, it was very nice, I think all the ladies had fun.
What I can tell about her progress, is that she is building more stamina she can walk a lot better than last time and she can even take steps without any assistance (no walker, or person holding her). but the best news is that she has been talking about coming home for Christmas. WOW that would really be a great Christmas for me, hopefully some of you too.
Another note, on Nov 29th some of Holly's old friends and the family's, are gonna having a benefit concert for mom. The group 'Lizard Music' is going to have a re-union concert at the 'Down Town Cafe' in Red bank and our other friend John Kleiman's band 'The Rib Eye Brother's' is opening for them. It should be a great deal of fun. Mom is very moved that she has had such an affect on Holly's friends that they would think of her this way.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pinky Encore

Hi my dear friends. Thought you would like to hear what I have been up to. Not too much except working hard to get strong enoughto come home. I am getting depressed because I am not geting better faster. Today I pooped in my pants and I know I can not come home till I can get this under control. Holly and steve are so good to me. This past weekend we ventured out for a small day trip. We went to an artist town about fourty min away. We brought the poty with us...I hate wearing dippers, so it was fun pulling over four times. You will see from the pictures that the old pinky is back. I have made my coloring book. It will soon be up for all of you to see. I am really proud of it. I can not believe it has been almost a year since i have seen all of you. Some times it seems like it has been ten min and some times like ten years. i keep thinking it is still some bad dream i am caught in. i am very lucky though because with my injury i should only be able to move my head. It is all your prayers that have got me this far. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have to go and get to work. I have to practicing standing for longer periods of time. talk soon ,love to all

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pinky Live In Person

Dear friends of mine,
This is a first for me. Steve thought it was about time I started to tackle something new for myself even though my hands feel like steel belts are crimping down on the joints I shall persevere because it is so good for me. I am tackeling new things every day so i can come home to the best life I have created thanks to all of you that have filled me with such awe. There is not a day that goes by where I still get a least five cards. I find that amazing. I am not the best writter in the world so I will just ramble on. Today started out strange for the first time in months I actually slept. Holly had to wake me up to give me my five oclock pain pill, it is a pill I still need to help control the spasms I hate taking any pills but i still need them. Ican not stand how long this body of mine is taking to heal. The doctors say it takes two years for the spine to get back. Every one thinks I am making great progres, but for me it is way to slow. I still am waiting to figure why this happened to me. I know that in rehab I am an inspiration to so many people and when I see some of them who are so worse than me I am grateful. I fell and hit my head really badly and i am lucky i did not get brain damage. I am setting my goal to try to come home by christmas. I will require alot of help. I still need alot of hands on stretching and i will need help going to the pool alot. I am hoping I can enroll alot of you to take turns to help me out. I have been a tremendious alot of work for holly and steve. I want them to get back to their lives. They have been in school for 6 years and then taking care of his dad while he was recovering from a neck surgery for almost a year. I started making a coloring book to help raise ssome extra cash. Pretty soon you can see what i am up to. Steve is working hard to get it up and working. I am doing my pet pictures in water color because that is all i can handle with the strength i have in my hands. once you all see whats available i am asking for you to pay it forward by emailing it to ten of your pet loving friends and then ask them to pay it forward. I got the idea from a dream what else is new. My hands are constantly feeling like they are being in a vice that is squezing my joints i hate it i need to work alot on getting my strength back i can barely pick up my pills . oh well time and hard work will over come this also. i am saying good by for now my arms are starting to hurt. know i love you all and i am working like crazy to return.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello Pinky's followers,

I(Beth) am back in the ABQ, ready to give an update on the progress I see. As you all know Pinky had a couple of pretty rough weeks with her sprained ankle,but she has turned the corner for the better. Since I left she has been working hard on getting more stamina with her walking, when I left she needed a long board between her feet so that she wouldn't trip herself, and since her hands really didn't have much strength she needed a walker that could go under her elbows. She only could go about 150 feet then she would get light headed and winded. Now she doesn't need a board which is easier on Holly's knees, since she would be the one who was keeping it in place. She also has a low walker now since her hands are strong enough to hold her weight, they still get a little soar but she does it anyway. Pinky can go up and down the stairs at the rehab, she does this with a helper holding her but soon I am hoping she will do it alone. Also as you all know Pinky loves and needs to be in the pool, when I left she needed a life-vest, now she doesn't and she is working on walking in the pool without any walker, if she falls she knows she will not get hurt.
Pinky is getting antsy without working, so I think she is ready to do some animal portraits so get ready to send pictures out, you will be able to get them back in time for Christmas presents.
Hope you all are doing well in your lives,
Beth, (Pinky,s oldest daughter)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pinky, You look GREAT!

Hi all,

Things have been going pretty good here at RR. I say pretty good because Pinky is making good progress, but unfortunately the TONE monster has returned. Tone has been visiting for a few weeks now and we're all sure that everyone knows a 3 week visit is pushing the limits of hospitality, so we all expect that Tone is on the way out. Tone, by the way, is increased muscle tone to the point where it's not helpful. For example, when you and I lift a leg or arm, we contend with gravity only for the most part. Pinky is overcoming not just gravity, but the resistance of the increased tone within the muscle. She must move this weight first and then do whatever she's doing. It's super frustrating for her because she knows that without it, things would come easier and because it's uncomfortable at best and at worst resembles a charliehorse throughout the body for extended periods. Not fun.
Ok, now the good stuff. She cranked out 300 steps on the stairstepper: beginning with 20 and then 50 and then 70. That's day one. The next day, she stepped up with a bit of help and cranked out the 300. Topping off day one's success, she climbed a flight of stairs. Mean hospital, weird corridor stairs. 12 steps to a landing and then 13 more to the top. She needed a little help for the last run up. Regardless, STAIRS! IvyRose has set up an electrical stimulation program that we do on our own. Ivy has allowed us permission and guidance to use the machine, so we set aside some extra time during our day at the Rehab and have been been seeing some improvements in her hands.
It's a tough road and demands grit. The Pink Lady has grit. She battles for every inch and calls upon some unseen source for patience and fortitude the likes I doubt many of us have. Some days an inch is lost to be fought for again. She has many inches now and many more to gain. We all give thanks to the many wonderful people in our lives and the many we continue to meet. The people here and there have been exemplar and for some bad luck, it's pretty damn good.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Mom feels people don't care anymore because we don't get comments anymore. Please comment.
Pinky needs her friends and support, this injury is long and hard and we need real long term support. So for crying out loud please write and comment.
Letters to 1125 Dartmouth NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pinky Party!

Having a little fun.

Pinky has been having Sunday art parties at the house. Last week we had Wendy and Glenn (friends we made from the pool) and Gobind and Jim (the pool therapist "aquatic master" and her husband) over for Pinky fun. She taught them how to made roses out of sculpy and do lots of other groovie things. It's so nice to see Pinky being Pinky and doing Pinky things!!!

We had a wonderful surprise visit from mom's good friend Karen Herrick last week. Karen was on her way to Reno for a wedding and rearranged her flight so she could have a 6 hour layover in Albuquerque to play with mom. We didn't tell mom about about her coming and seeing moms face as Karen approached the front door was priceless. Thank you Karen for giving mom some company and making the visit possible.

Surprise visit!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009


Pinky's Angels

Pinky hanging out in 'Old Town' in the Rehab with Holly and her Physical Therapist, Rose. She had to step up onto a curb to get there. Not bad. The other picture is of Ivy Rose, Pinky's Occupational Therapist, visiting us at the pool. Don't let her youthful good looks fool you. She's sharp, well educated, and dedicated. They both bring great energy to Pinky's re-abling. To all of us in fact.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Pinky standing around goofing off. You can tell how normal this is becoming by the general lack of enthusiasm from the background crowd. What's not so normal was Pinky walking to the car today to run some errands with us and then walking back into the house. No easy feat as our driveway has given way to tree roots and there's two not so easy ramps to navigate. She made it look pretty easy. And she transfered out of the truck by herself. She continues to amaze me with her strength and go get 'em attitude. Rock on Pink Pink! SK


B...You'll be missed. I guess I'll have to start washing dishes again. Beth rocks out and gave both Holly and I a little time off from our schedule at RR. We will all miss her and will be awaiting her return. SK

Friday, June 26, 2009

hello everyone,
I am back in Albuquerque, it is raining here also so I wasn't able to escape it. I am writing to give my observation after 5 weeks of being away. wow, mom is really working hard as you all know but it is paying off. When I transfer her it is pretty easy, she can mostly lift all of her body weight, I am there for balance and guidance. when I was here last she would walk with her walker but with a lot of effort, she needed 3 people around her helping, now one person is needed just to spot her. Pinky is working on stamina, and still rebuilding muscles that have been weakened by lack of use.
This week I was able to accompany mom to pick up a 'Jazzy' this is a motorized wheel chair, so far she is loving more Independence, we put her in it and she doesn't have to wait for anyone to push her. The first day she got it she took it out on the street and met an artist who is a neighbor hopefully they can get together and play. This weekend we will use it more and let you all know how she did.
Pinky's daughter,

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fun Pics

3 blogs in a day?

Ok, so we're not very good at posting to the blog. But 3 post in a day? Well, it's actually kind of raining here today and that kept me from working in the yard preparing the Queen's grounds (I'm trying to get the ground leveled and ready for Pinky's kiddie pool: it is redneck rehab after all). And besides, I've really been wanting to get everybody up-to-date. Pinky is walking with the walker really well and things have been going really good. I'm hesitant to say it, but everyone has told us that the recovery is usually exponential in nature and I really feel we are approaching that spot on the curve where it begins to climb quickly. She's a damn hard worker.

We are going to try to maintain the blog a bit better. Perhaps in more of a photo essay kind of way rather than writing. It's faster and more interactive as you guys will have to make up your own version of the story that way. No guarantees of course, but we'll try. SK


Pinky wanted us to post these 'statistics.' Mostly, she loves the letters and support and wanted you guys to know why it's hard for her to be around the phone.

Since Pinky came home in January:

164 hours of supervised therapy. (i.e., with the therapist at rehab)

540 hours of self-initiated therapy.

90 hours changing diapers, or adult briefs for the more sensitive readers.

360 hours intermittent catheterization.

30 hours taking showers at rehab (since sometime around March).

30 hours in the soaking tub (we've only had it for about a month).

60 hours driving to and fro'.

45 hours digi-stemming. If you don't know...don't worry about it.

1800 transfers of Pinky's butt to an eclectic mix of surfaces.

We generated about 5000# of garbage and recyclables.

And she's been asleep for about 1620 hours.

So, please keep the letters coming and the phone calls. They really give here a lot of energy and passion to keep working hard. A lot of people in Pinky's situation simply decide not to do the work that's necessary and never get to the point she's already at and certainly not to the heights we will reach. It takes an incredible amount of work and perseverance and wherewithal. After each knew challenge has been met, there's another waiting and people of less character and strength simply get worn out by it all. Understandably so. Though we have some of that in very briefs moments, she's a trooper and is always up to the challenge. Simply amazing! She wanted me to tell you guys, she loves and misses everyone very much and is working hard to get back to her life. SK

What's Pinky Been Doing?

A typical day in Pinky's world:

10:00 a.m.:
"Family." Pinky's up and usually calls out, 'family,' to let us know she's awake.

10:00 a.m -11:00 a.m:
Morning hygiene and phone calls back to Jersey and Gene.

11:00 a.m-12:00 a.m:
Stretching regiment and Bonnie Hunt on the T.V.

12:00 p.m-1:00 p.m.:
Usually Pinky has some snacks and we drive to rehab.

1:00 p.m-6:00 or 7:00 p.m.:
Depending on the day, Pinky is either working with her Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist or working out at home. In between, we run whatever errands we have. Pinky has begun going into the grocery store to pick out her own food. It turns out she's a great driver of the big 'phat' electric carts with the baskets attached.
At some point during this time, we usually go swimming for an hour or so and have a shower at the rehab center. Most of the pool time is spent working out and fine tuning mechanical skills necessary in walking. We try to allow her some free time to visit and swim around. She's a hard worker though, and rarely takes us up on it. She does, however, really enjoy the pool and the independence it affords. If time allows and she's feeling good, we take advantage of some of the equipment the rehab center has and we work out on our own.

7:00 p.m -9:00 p.m.:
Like everyone else, we normally have dinner and try to veg out with the T.V.: usually, a network series rented from netflix or a movie and who knows what's for dinner.

9:00 p.m-10:30 p.m.:
It's bath time at R.R. Pinky usually gets into a soaking tub around 9 or 9:30 and hangs out for an hour or so at about 99-100 degrees. Of course, being R.R., we have T.V. available in the spa room, so she normally continues the movie while in the tub.

10:30 p.m-11:30 p.m.:
Once again, like most everyone else, we prepare for bed with many nightly rituals.

11:30 p.m.- 10:00 a.m.: Pinky's in Pinky land, usually dreaming of kicking it with Bonnie Hunt, or doing some light carpentry work building herself a house. Some nights she plays with Jack and Will in her dreams. Other nights she paints or drives her car around town. Tonight, who knows what Pink will be up to....

Some days are different than others. But that's pretty much the routine.
The weekends are different, but she continues to work out albeit, perhaps a bit of a lighter work out. We try to have some fun on the weekends, inviting friends over for Pinky parties or going out to the movies or for snacks. Holly and I fear that we're not as much fun for her as all of you guys in Jersey, but we manage to laugh a lot and we have a pretty good time.
As for her pain management, she's been doing really well. The soaking tub and pool really seem to help with the spasms as long as the water is warm: at least 90 degrees to swim, with 92-94 being ideal and usually around 100 degrees for the soak. When she does have significant pain, the routine changes and revolves primarily around management and dismissal of the evil spasms and tone. Otherwise, we're kicking it and rocking out at R.R. SK

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pinky's kicking BUTT!

Hi all,
It's been a while since our last post as we've been busy keeping up with Pinky. There has been a lot of progress and many 'first' since the last entry. Her pain levels have been much more manageable and as a result, she has really started working hard. We usually average around 4-5 hours of working out per day both here at R.R. and Lovelace with her two therapist, Rose and IvyRose. I'm short on time as we are off to get Pinky in her soaking tub and get ready for bed. I just wanted to let you all know she is doing really well. We have begun Pinky games again as well as Sunday art days with our neighbors kids and friends, so that ought to tell you something. SK

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hello everyone,

I have been away from Pinky for 6 weeks. The progress as all of you have seen with the video that Steve and Holly posted last, is quite impressive. I did a transfer (moving her from bed to chair or chair to pool etc.)with mom when I got here and her improvement is huge, Last time I was here I would have to lift all of mom's weight this time only about 20% she lifts the rest of her weight. It was so great to see such improvement. Now mom really needs to work on all of her small muscles too(core muscles) she needs all these so she can move around in bed and get out of the bed. When I was here last, mom had so much pain that it really broke my heart, this time the pain is down to a minimum, which keeps every ones spirits high. Because of the pain she was experiancing she got spasms which brought her arm progress way back, her arms have alot of tone(muscles are tight) they are getting better now with everyones efforts but I must tell you all, it is a battle of epic poportions, her progress is slow and tedious, 2 steps forward one step back. Since mom wakes until she gets into bed about 8 or 9 at night they work, mom wants her life back, so we all know if you want something bad enought, it isn't just gonna happen, you got to work for it. Thanks for all her letters and prayers they are always welcome and they work with her spirits.

Pinky's daughter,

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Little Dove Nesting in the yard

Spring has sprung here at Redneck Rehab. The Spring winds have reminded me that another year has past and so much has changed. Pinky came to visit last March and I keep thinking what should have been done differently. My lovely mother...
well oh well, shouldn't dell in the past.
This Spring a cute little dove, whom we call Peachie due to her peach head, has decided to make a nest right out side our kitchen window. New life. We think she is a new mother because her nest is small, a little shabby and the branch she's on is a bit shaky. Not the work of a seasoned dove. We look forward to seeing her every morning that she still sits and waits for her chics to come. Here's looking at you Peachie!
Pinky has been kicking ass and taking names this week!!!
Just today she stood up on her own from a high-low mat into a walker. Huge move. THEN in the same therapy session she walked with really minimal assistance in her legs for the first time. Rose just held her waste but Mom's leg movements were all her own. Hot Dog!!! If everyday were like today I would kneel down and become a nun or something. Go Pinky.
These past two weeks or so have been so amazing, Pinky has gotten her power back. New magic and movements everyday, thank you universe.
I hope, God do I hope and pray, that we are in an upward swing and Pinky is on the road to recovery. We met two men at rehab this week, Elkrider and Frank, that I believe have inspired Pinky to work harder. These gents work out all the time and their recovery has been markable. Her work ethic is stronger and she's always exercising. It's either the guys or her wanting to get back to her great life in NJ. Either way, Pinky is the queen of patience and pose.
God save the queen!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Standing God

Mom's therapist came to the house this week with her youngest son Gabe. He was so taken by mom that he went home and made her a "Standing God". This God takes chocolate treats to help mom stand up and walk. The God has legs of steel so mom will be strong like bull and starting walking around. Too cute. We went to the pool at rehab 4 times this week and are planning to keep it up an a weekly bases.
Mom had a great week, less pain and more strength. Hip-hip-hooray.
Gene arrived today so mom has some better company than just the regular staff at Redneck Rehab.
I'll try to take pictures of mom the "Aqua Eagle" this week, it's so great to see her floating around relaxed.
hugs and kisses,

Monday, April 6, 2009


An extra special thanks to all who attended mom's "funraiser" last week. Pinky cried for 3 hours straight while watching via hidden camera. I can't even imagine how much love she felt while watching all those amazing people gathered just for her. THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING MY MOM FELL SO LOVED!
On our front this week; Pinky got to go into the therapy pool for the first time Friday. Wow, what a difference no gravity makes. She was like a like guppy swimming around feeling her body out of a bed or a wheelchair. We have paid to use the pool 3 times a week and went again this afternoon. It helps so much to loosen her muscles and to feel weightless. Another added bonus is the shower room after that we have use of. Pinky hasn't been bathed with full on water since December. Our bathroom is too small us to transfer her into. But don't get the wrong idea, we DO bathe the beloved Pinky with bed bathes. It sounds so horrible to say she hasn't showered in 3 months. We are looking into our local YMCA to see about swimming everyday.
Mom's therapist Rose made a house call today (don't tell her boss) with her two amazing boys . Being at home made mom feel so comfortable verse being at the rehab hospital. The florescent lighting effects her and the whole vibe of the place brings her down so working out at home was great. Thank you Rose, Xavier, and Gabriel for coming over to play.
Pinky's pain level has been manageable for the past few days and she has been sleeping well. Let's keep praying for more better days. Thanks again for all the love.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wow, this has been a really big week for Pinky and family. This past Thursday night most all of my mothers friends and family got together to help raise money for her recovery, to say that the night was a success is an understatement. There was about 260 people who attended, it was held at the Merri Makers in Sea Bright, the room was set up beautifully, I have been there for weddings before, but the room had a completely different feel to it, much more cozy. Because of modern technology and the efforts of Lori Schoenig, Sophia Kho, and Sarina Tu (and many others) my mother was able to attend via. the Internet, there were 2 cameras that showed Pinky live feed from the party, one in the back of the room and one by the stage. Her being able to see everyone there did so much for my mothers recovery, I know it in my soul. She misses her beautiful life in New Jersey so so much this gave her a real sense of how much she is loved, I know she will work that much harder to get back to everyone. So from the bottom of my heart I would like to say thank you for everyone who attended and of course everyone who was involved in the orchestration and execution of the event.

Sincerely, Beth

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Red Neck Fun

Since the weather here in Albuquerque as been so wonderful we have hired Jeff, our transportation tech., to transport Pinky around in her very own trailer. Via la Rojo Neck.

Still hoping and praying in Albuquerque

Greetings followers of the great Pink one,
Another week has past and it feels more like a year than just days. Mom has been up and down, some really bad pain then other moments of peace. A few mornings ago she had whole body spasms that made her curl into the fetal position and she thought her bones where going to break. Poor mommy. But things seem a little better since then so who knows. We have moved up to mega pain killers and they seem to be helping when nothing else will.
The days here are boring for mom, she has just a rich a wonderful life in NJ but here it's just me and Steve to amuse her. I fear that Steve and I are sort of losers and don't keep much company but luckily our neighbors on both sides are very kind and like to visit with mom.
I am forever optimistic about moms recovery but when the doctors said slow I really didn't nor could have imagined anything this slow.
Pinky also continues to be positive and optimistic but when the pain is unbearable she speaks a different tune. Please continue to pray and send magic healing energy to my amazing mother.
-Holly, Case Coordinator at Red Neck Rehab.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Roller coasters suck.

Hello everyone,
It's been a really rough 2 weeks. Mom's been in a lot of pain and has been recovering from a bad urinary tract infection. We've had better days. Her infection has causes those damn spasms to come all the time and her whole body is so stiff and tight. Mom's physical therapy had to slow down due to her pain and therefor has causes her to lose some muscle mass and strength.
I have to honor mom's physical therapist Rose Vallejo, this wonder woman is a saint. Rose is taking a week off from work for her children's spring break but is going to come over to our house to continue therapy with mom without pay during that week. She even offered to stay late so Steve and I could go on a date. Wow! I love Rose.
I hope and pray to write better news soon. I apologize for miss spellings and poor grammar on this blog but our time is better spent tending to Pinky.
All my love and gratitude to all who love my mommy.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pinky and Steve doing some hand therapy. Most acivities bore mom so we have to try to make things fun.


The past few days have been rough. Pinky has yet another Urinary Tract Infection which causes bad spasms and sleepless nights which in turn means she doesn't do her physical therapy. We've missed two days this week with Rose and I'm hoping we can make it tomorrow. Everyday in bed sets her back so it's hard to balance her healing and getting her up and out to do exercises. I hate this cycle!!!
Beth has been here since Saturday and has yet to see Mom at her best. We have 5 good days then a few bads days. I know this isn't a recovery of a straight upward slope function like x^2 but I really wish I did have a mathematical equation to predict the out come.
As a reminder, Pinky's Fundraiser is coming and tickets need to be purchased in advance because food is being served. Please send your RSVP to:

Admission: $40 per person

Reservation: By mail by March 25
Make check payable to Andrea Adubato
(Pinky’s legal name) and mail to: Lori Schoenig,
23 Mitchell Place, Little Silver, NJ 07739.
Include names of persons attending, address, phone, and email. Indicate if you plan to bring gold fo cash.

Can’t come? Donations welcome.
Sponsor a page to wish Pinky a speedy recovery.

Thanks everyone for your continued support and love.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hi everyone,

I just got into Albuquerque Saturday, after being away for 6 1/2 weeks, the difference I see in my mother is in her spirit. When I was here last time I tried to have a couple of times to talk about the future and mom was not having it! This time she is open to more than one day in advance, I see this as a wonderful advancement. Physically she is also getting better, she is starting to have a lot better control of her body, her mussels are still weak so that is what everyone is focusing on, getting stronger. (I never really got that we have up to 2000 different mussels, and mom has to work on them, almost one at a time.)

It is great to be back with her,Holly and Steve. Holly and Steve have basically put their lives on hold to take care of Pinky, I am extremely grateful to them as I am sure my mother is too. An average day consists of getting up at 5:00am for pills, most likely changing of her briefs also because she is voiding quite often at night. At 9:00am is when we start to get her out of bed but first she needs some more pills and a little breakfast which usually a yogurt and a shake. 10:00 is out of bed and starting with exercises, Steve is her drill Sargent he is wonderful with her since he is not her child she can not manipulate him as easy as she does with Holly and I. They work out for about 4 hours, it is not consecutive, in between she has lunch and needs to be chatherdized 3 times a day. When she is not doing something she tries to nap since keeping her energy up is key. Mail comes late in Alberquerque about 4:00, this is a really big time for Pinky she loves to read her mail from her great friends and family. At night we put her back into bed for dinner and she really enjoys TV.

This was a day without going to re-hab. When going to re-hab they still work out at home but it is mostly stretching they do not want her to get too tired out. They have to put her in the truck, Steve up to now is the main transfer person (he lifts her by him-self, by using balance and her own weight.) Mostly re-hab is at 12:00 and 2:00, 1 hour for Physical therapy and 1 hour for occupational therapy with an hour in between to rest, this is when they usually run out for lunch at either McDonalds or Burgerking and they all have something on the $1 menu. Re-hab is three days a week the other four days are at Holly and Steve's. Holly also spends many hours ordering supplies and calling Dr.'s, Therapists, massage Therapists and so many other peoples.

I thought you should know why Pinky doesn't have time to call her friends, it is because she is very busy getting better.

I will be here for the next few weeks and I come out as much as I can to take a little stress off my sister and of course to help my mother. Gene and I usually switch spots.

Pinky's oldest daughter, Beth.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

250 ft. and counting

Hello everyone,
This was a great week for Pinky! The end of last week was difficult due to lack of sleep and a bad stomach flu that I had. It's hard when the care giver gets sick but thanks to Lunesta and a few days of eating dry toast things are back on track. Pinky hasn't sleep well in the 4 months since her accident. We've tried Ambien and she would still wake up every hour. Last Friday we tried Lunesta and hip-hip hooray Pinky finally sleeps. She wants to buy stock in the company.
Tuesday at rehab Pinky showed amazing strength and was able to stand on her own (with the help of leg braces) for a few minutes. This is a far cry from about 6 weeks ago when she would either vomit or faint or a combo of both. It's hard to mark the daily progress when you're in the thick of it. It's kind of like when your dog gets fat, you don't realize it till someone comes over and says "wow, your dogs really fat". Like watching your hair grow.
Thursday Rose her therapist did a test called the STANDARD NEUROLOGICAL CLASSIFICATION OF SPINAL CORD INJURIES. Muscles are tested and scored between a 1 ( the lowest) and 5 (the highest). Pinky scored a 3+ on most leg muscle groups which is all she needs to walk. She may have to wear leg braces but thats nothing compared to her lack of mobility about 2 months ago. Great news!!! Her left foot is a little non-responsive to testing, perhaps the nerves aren't communicating well there yet but whats a few toes in the big picture of things.
Friday, Mom walked the best she ever has and the furthest. She's initiated most steps on her own and showed more control of her moments. When I say walk I mean she has a table in front of her to support her arms and Steve and Rose are holding her on either side and kicking her feet forward but it's a start.
Her arms have been the cause of most pain and frustration. She was doing so well but now the muscle spasms have turned her arms into a tight mess.
Beth returns tonight for a 2 week visit and Gene leaves tomorrow. My house feels like a hostel. All are welcome.
Peace and love,

Saturday, February 28, 2009

There’s No Place Like Home
A Fundraiser to Benefit Red Bank Artist
• • • Pinky • • •

Thursday • April 2, 2009 • 7-10pm

Merri-Makers at the Waters Edge • 1465 Ocean Ave, Sea Bright, NJ

Local artist Pinky suffers from an incomplete spinal cord injury from a hiking accident a few months ago in New Mexico. The fundraising is to assist her recovery to bring her home to her beloved communities in Red Bank. Visit Pinky’s blog at:

Click your heels and play for Pinky while you enjoy a casual, fun-filled evening!

• Art and photography for sale

• Live, silent, and Chinese auctions

• Cash for Gold – Bring your unwanted gold jewelry and get cash on the spot.
Jewelers will donate 10% of their proceeds to Pinky.

Live music • Light food • Cash bar • Complimentary wine

Admission: $40 per person

Reservation: By mail by March 25
Make check payable to Andrea Adubato
(Pinky’s legal name) and mail to: Lori Schoenig,
23 Mitchell Place, Little Silver, NJ 07739.
Include names of persons attending, address, phone, and email. Indicate if you plan to bring gold fo cash.

Can’t come? Donations welcome.
Sponsor a page to wish Pinky a speedy recovery.

For questions, basket donations, and sponsorship, contact:

Lori Schoenig: lorischoenig@comcast.net

Sarina Tu: pinky.stu@live.com

Paul Fleming: pjfleming3@hotmail.com