Thursday, March 12, 2009


The past few days have been rough. Pinky has yet another Urinary Tract Infection which causes bad spasms and sleepless nights which in turn means she doesn't do her physical therapy. We've missed two days this week with Rose and I'm hoping we can make it tomorrow. Everyday in bed sets her back so it's hard to balance her healing and getting her up and out to do exercises. I hate this cycle!!!
Beth has been here since Saturday and has yet to see Mom at her best. We have 5 good days then a few bads days. I know this isn't a recovery of a straight upward slope function like x^2 but I really wish I did have a mathematical equation to predict the out come.
As a reminder, Pinky's Fundraiser is coming and tickets need to be purchased in advance because food is being served. Please send your RSVP to:

Admission: $40 per person

Reservation: By mail by March 25
Make check payable to Andrea Adubato
(Pinky’s legal name) and mail to: Lori Schoenig,
23 Mitchell Place, Little Silver, NJ 07739.
Include names of persons attending, address, phone, and email. Indicate if you plan to bring gold fo cash.

Can’t come? Donations welcome.
Sponsor a page to wish Pinky a speedy recovery.

Thanks everyone for your continued support and love.


  1. Hi Marlene No. 2, just want you to know that both you and your mom are both in my prayers...sorry I haven't commented lately, a couple things were going on here - I adopted/rescued a new puppy/dog "Wheezer" his name, been helping with the Fundraiser, snow duty, a received news that I have to have a cardiac catheterization (a roder rooter LOL) the old artery is clogged LOL...but tell your mom I've been thinking about her a lot and please tell her that A LOT OF PEOPLE MISS HER and have her in their prayers...well I have to call it a love to you all...have a honey of a night and sweet dreams! Marlene :O) you gotta have higgghhh hopes, you gotta have higgghhh hopes, you gotta have high apple pie in skyyyy hopes....

  2. Sorry to hear of your troubles Marlene.
    We often sing the ant and the rubber tree song.
    High hopes, high hopes...
    Thanks for your help with all the printing and gifts to mom. You are an angle.

  3. Hey Holly - Its Marlene No. 2 - Marlene No. 1 (Harper) is actually the printer...I'm the gal that likes bees...and you are the ANGEL...keep up the good work...Peace & Love 2 U, your mom & Steve Marlene #2 :O)