Saturday, March 7, 2009

250 ft. and counting

Hello everyone,
This was a great week for Pinky! The end of last week was difficult due to lack of sleep and a bad stomach flu that I had. It's hard when the care giver gets sick but thanks to Lunesta and a few days of eating dry toast things are back on track. Pinky hasn't sleep well in the 4 months since her accident. We've tried Ambien and she would still wake up every hour. Last Friday we tried Lunesta and hip-hip hooray Pinky finally sleeps. She wants to buy stock in the company.
Tuesday at rehab Pinky showed amazing strength and was able to stand on her own (with the help of leg braces) for a few minutes. This is a far cry from about 6 weeks ago when she would either vomit or faint or a combo of both. It's hard to mark the daily progress when you're in the thick of it. It's kind of like when your dog gets fat, you don't realize it till someone comes over and says "wow, your dogs really fat". Like watching your hair grow.
Thursday Rose her therapist did a test called the STANDARD NEUROLOGICAL CLASSIFICATION OF SPINAL CORD INJURIES. Muscles are tested and scored between a 1 ( the lowest) and 5 (the highest). Pinky scored a 3+ on most leg muscle groups which is all she needs to walk. She may have to wear leg braces but thats nothing compared to her lack of mobility about 2 months ago. Great news!!! Her left foot is a little non-responsive to testing, perhaps the nerves aren't communicating well there yet but whats a few toes in the big picture of things.
Friday, Mom walked the best she ever has and the furthest. She's initiated most steps on her own and showed more control of her moments. When I say walk I mean she has a table in front of her to support her arms and Steve and Rose are holding her on either side and kicking her feet forward but it's a start.
Her arms have been the cause of most pain and frustration. She was doing so well but now the muscle spasms have turned her arms into a tight mess.
Beth returns tonight for a 2 week visit and Gene leaves tomorrow. My house feels like a hostel. All are welcome.
Peace and love,

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  1. Pinky

    Sorry I keep missing your calls. I miss you. It is good to read that you are making improvements each day. Will try to call again this week.
    Love and Hugs