Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello Pinky's followers,

I(Beth) am back in the ABQ, ready to give an update on the progress I see. As you all know Pinky had a couple of pretty rough weeks with her sprained ankle,but she has turned the corner for the better. Since I left she has been working hard on getting more stamina with her walking, when I left she needed a long board between her feet so that she wouldn't trip herself, and since her hands really didn't have much strength she needed a walker that could go under her elbows. She only could go about 150 feet then she would get light headed and winded. Now she doesn't need a board which is easier on Holly's knees, since she would be the one who was keeping it in place. She also has a low walker now since her hands are strong enough to hold her weight, they still get a little soar but she does it anyway. Pinky can go up and down the stairs at the rehab, she does this with a helper holding her but soon I am hoping she will do it alone. Also as you all know Pinky loves and needs to be in the pool, when I left she needed a life-vest, now she doesn't and she is working on walking in the pool without any walker, if she falls she knows she will not get hurt.
Pinky is getting antsy without working, so I think she is ready to do some animal portraits so get ready to send pictures out, you will be able to get them back in time for Christmas presents.
Hope you all are doing well in your lives,
Beth, (Pinky,s oldest daughter)


  1. Howdy Redneck Folks,
    Hope your Labor Day is sunny and filled with some serious giggles!
    Love your blog and seeing the pic of our Pinkster.
    Love to all. Pat

  2. (Anonymous AKA - cousin Stacey) . . .

    Hi Family!

    I hope all are well and enjoying the Labor Day weekend. This 'sprain' is news to me - what happened..did I miss a post or something?

    We would love to be on the list for a portrait of Kimba - let me know how you want the picture - email, mail, etc. Can't wait!

    Love to you all -
    Stacey, DJ & the kids

  3. Hey Pinky...its Laurie R. finally got a computer that works.We are always thinking and praying for you,and you are such an inspiration WOW what progress!Your family is amazing,always there.Chris is in 10th grade and doing well,he always asks about you.Cant wait to give you a great big hug and smooch...keep up all that hard work its paying off..love you and God bless xoxoxoxoxo

  4. hi pinky! it's Erik Paparozzi. i wanted to let you know that the ex-members of Lizard Music are planning a tribute/benefit reunion concert in your honor around thanksgiving!! we couldn't think of a better excuse to get back together and make music with the old gang. we're working now on securing the right venue.

    we love you! feel better!!!

  5. hey pinky, hope you are well...big red bank yard sale is on.....will be missing you...mq

  6. Hi! I just read the whole blog and am truly amazed at your resilience Pinky. You don't really know me-I worked with you a bit when the Children's Cultural Center was in its very beginning stages. I was a helper to Tricia Schaeffer. I saw your story in the paper a few weeks ago-I had no clue that had happened. I am sending you my positive thoughts and energy and know that you will continue to progress towards a full recovery. Your family sounds amazing! I wish you all of the best!