Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pinky Live In Person

Dear friends of mine,
This is a first for me. Steve thought it was about time I started to tackle something new for myself even though my hands feel like steel belts are crimping down on the joints I shall persevere because it is so good for me. I am tackeling new things every day so i can come home to the best life I have created thanks to all of you that have filled me with such awe. There is not a day that goes by where I still get a least five cards. I find that amazing. I am not the best writter in the world so I will just ramble on. Today started out strange for the first time in months I actually slept. Holly had to wake me up to give me my five oclock pain pill, it is a pill I still need to help control the spasms I hate taking any pills but i still need them. Ican not stand how long this body of mine is taking to heal. The doctors say it takes two years for the spine to get back. Every one thinks I am making great progres, but for me it is way to slow. I still am waiting to figure why this happened to me. I know that in rehab I am an inspiration to so many people and when I see some of them who are so worse than me I am grateful. I fell and hit my head really badly and i am lucky i did not get brain damage. I am setting my goal to try to come home by christmas. I will require alot of help. I still need alot of hands on stretching and i will need help going to the pool alot. I am hoping I can enroll alot of you to take turns to help me out. I have been a tremendious alot of work for holly and steve. I want them to get back to their lives. They have been in school for 6 years and then taking care of his dad while he was recovering from a neck surgery for almost a year. I started making a coloring book to help raise ssome extra cash. Pretty soon you can see what i am up to. Steve is working hard to get it up and working. I am doing my pet pictures in water color because that is all i can handle with the strength i have in my hands. once you all see whats available i am asking for you to pay it forward by emailing it to ten of your pet loving friends and then ask them to pay it forward. I got the idea from a dream what else is new. My hands are constantly feeling like they are being in a vice that is squezing my joints i hate it i need to work alot on getting my strength back i can barely pick up my pills . oh well time and hard work will over come this also. i am saying good by for now my arms are starting to hurt. know i love you all and i am working like crazy to return.


  1. Hi Mizz Pinky...hip hip hooray...you did fantastic-on venturing out of the computer..go pinky go pinky...can't wait to see the coloring book...and I will definitely past it forward on the pet pictures...actually I adopted another little guy by the name of Wheezer - he's a funny little guy & he became best friends with my another little guy Toby McBee - boy do they keep me on my toes...Oh and what a great Christmas for us all to have you here in Jersey...holly & steve do an awesome job caring for you...& whatever way I can help when you come home - just let me know...keep up the good work Pinky I have Faith in you my friend...& you are always in my prayers...have a honey of a night - sweet dreams! Grace Peace Joy Love & many many Blessings 2 "U", Luv Marlene Number Two...

  2. PINKY! This is the best thing I've seen on the Internet in weeks! I was starting to get concerned as there wasn't an update in a while - but this update was worth waiting for! Just shipped out a little treat for you today - hope you enjoy it!

    We look forward to the coloring book - and placing an order for a portrait of our Kimba.

    Hugs and love to you all -
    Stacey, DJ and the kids.

  3. Hi Pinky! How wonderful to see new "news". I have been out of contact but I have been thinking of you all the time. Bill has had a bad summer with 3 week long stays in the hospital....a bout of colitis, a heart rythm problem and just a week ago he came home with lymes disease and a parasite in his blood stream. He's home but on an IV antibiotic 20 days. As soon as I get home I have to get him started since it takes almost 2 hours.

    It's wonderful to hear your positive attitude after all you have been thru - keep that chin up! You are an amazing person and will beat this and succeed. Promise to keep in touch more often but I am always thinking of you.

    Love, Laura

  4. Hurrah Pinky!
    Seeing you enter this internet choas is great news. So many ask about you I feel like a publicist for you. Always remember that the prayers keep coming and you are healing in grace. We will all be here to help you and share the joy of your recovery. Will send those pet pix everwhere!!!!!!!
    Steve and Holly are indeed angels. Our hearts and prayers for and appreciation of them is shared by so many of us here back East. Love to all Pat

  5. Hi Pinky!
    I just found out about your accident and injury -- and wanted to send you Well Wishes. (I used to live in Middletown, but bought a resort and moved to Arkansas in 2003). I traded you a large acrylic painting of yours, of an impressionist sailboat scene, for 2 of my quilted wallhangings/Underwater Reefs. Anyway, your painting hangs in my office, and I see it every day. Am hoping you continue to make leaps and bounds in your recovery process.
    I wholeheartedly believe that God allows certain problems, tragedies or unexplained circumstances in your life so that you will be more effective in comforting others. Read 2 Corinthians 1:3-7, then ask God to bring people into your life who need to be comforted in a certain area, just as you have been.
    When you're able, please come to Mockingbird Bay Resort on Norfork Lake -- would love to have you.
    Have an awesome day!
    Loretta Zortman