Friday, August 14, 2009

Pinky, You look GREAT!

Hi all,

Things have been going pretty good here at RR. I say pretty good because Pinky is making good progress, but unfortunately the TONE monster has returned. Tone has been visiting for a few weeks now and we're all sure that everyone knows a 3 week visit is pushing the limits of hospitality, so we all expect that Tone is on the way out. Tone, by the way, is increased muscle tone to the point where it's not helpful. For example, when you and I lift a leg or arm, we contend with gravity only for the most part. Pinky is overcoming not just gravity, but the resistance of the increased tone within the muscle. She must move this weight first and then do whatever she's doing. It's super frustrating for her because she knows that without it, things would come easier and because it's uncomfortable at best and at worst resembles a charliehorse throughout the body for extended periods. Not fun.
Ok, now the good stuff. She cranked out 300 steps on the stairstepper: beginning with 20 and then 50 and then 70. That's day one. The next day, she stepped up with a bit of help and cranked out the 300. Topping off day one's success, she climbed a flight of stairs. Mean hospital, weird corridor stairs. 12 steps to a landing and then 13 more to the top. She needed a little help for the last run up. Regardless, STAIRS! IvyRose has set up an electrical stimulation program that we do on our own. Ivy has allowed us permission and guidance to use the machine, so we set aside some extra time during our day at the Rehab and have been been seeing some improvements in her hands.
It's a tough road and demands grit. The Pink Lady has grit. She battles for every inch and calls upon some unseen source for patience and fortitude the likes I doubt many of us have. Some days an inch is lost to be fought for again. She has many inches now and many more to gain. We all give thanks to the many wonderful people in our lives and the many we continue to meet. The people here and there have been exemplar and for some bad luck, it's pretty damn good.


  1. Hi! Maura, Jack & Will here- I was so excited to see a new post- but I am sorry TONE has been such a jerk! We're praying for all of you and your in our thoughts each day. I love you & miss you like crazy Pinky!

    Maura & the boys

  2. Pinky So glad you are progressing. Sorry Tone has been so mean. Go far away TONE.
    Kathy Cassidy

  3. You go girl!We are sending you good vibrations everyday!! Namaste. Love, Melanie, Dave, Alex, Jude and Max xoxo