Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello Everyone,

I (Beth) am back at Red Neck Rehab. I have been here for a few days, mom has another urinary track infection and it really hits her hard, both her body and her spirits. I and Steve are a little under the weather so the feeling is pretty grey, but mom still managed a 'Pinky Party' today she had 5 women over plus Holly and I we made a colage of who we are now and who we will be, it was very nice, I think all the ladies had fun.
What I can tell about her progress, is that she is building more stamina she can walk a lot better than last time and she can even take steps without any assistance (no walker, or person holding her). but the best news is that she has been talking about coming home for Christmas. WOW that would really be a great Christmas for me, hopefully some of you too.
Another note, on Nov 29th some of Holly's old friends and the family's, are gonna having a benefit concert for mom. The group 'Lizard Music' is going to have a re-union concert at the 'Down Town Cafe' in Red bank and our other friend John Kleiman's band 'The Rib Eye Brother's' is opening for them. It should be a great deal of fun. Mom is very moved that she has had such an affect on Holly's friends that they would think of her this way.

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  1. Hey Pinky - keep at it and don't ever give up! Your watercolor animals are really beautiful. They are as wonderful and free as only you can make them. I have always admired your ability to not only think and create out of the box but not be any where near it!
    Pat Ellson