Friday, June 26, 2009

hello everyone,
I am back in Albuquerque, it is raining here also so I wasn't able to escape it. I am writing to give my observation after 5 weeks of being away. wow, mom is really working hard as you all know but it is paying off. When I transfer her it is pretty easy, she can mostly lift all of her body weight, I am there for balance and guidance. when I was here last she would walk with her walker but with a lot of effort, she needed 3 people around her helping, now one person is needed just to spot her. Pinky is working on stamina, and still rebuilding muscles that have been weakened by lack of use.
This week I was able to accompany mom to pick up a 'Jazzy' this is a motorized wheel chair, so far she is loving more Independence, we put her in it and she doesn't have to wait for anyone to push her. The first day she got it she took it out on the street and met an artist who is a neighbor hopefully they can get together and play. This weekend we will use it more and let you all know how she did.
Pinky's daughter,


  1. Go Speed Racer Go...start the engines and she is off...Mz. Pinky is in the lead, and there is no catching up to her now - she is on the road to recovery - you can hear the crowds cheering her on...go pinky go...she left them all in a cloud of dust from the "Jazzy" and we heard her say - Merry PinkyDust to all and to all Nightie Night!...sweet dreams my friend, till we meet again...Your devoted friend Marlene Number #2 (aka "QBeeC") Luv ya...

  2. Hurrah! Hurrah! What is that streak that just raced by????????
    It's the one and only "Pinkymobile!" There will be clouds of dust covering Albuquerque ash races through the street. Watch out albuquerque guard the toddlers and msall critters. Our pinky if on the road again!
    Love Pat