Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pinky is returning to New Jersey

Sound the trumpets and alert the media, Pinky is coming home. Air plane tickets have been bought!!! She is doing much better, she is back to re-hab and swimming, but more important than that she knows that she needs to heal both physically and spiritually. For the spiritual part she needs all her wonderful friends around her.
Holly and Steve are going to fly her home in mid February. They will be staying in New Jersey for a week to help with the transition.


  1. YAhoo! Hip HipHooray! Yipee! Holy Smokes !
    Yikes ! Ya Ba Daba Do!@!!!!!!!!

    Pinky is coming home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love Pat

  2. You did it girly! Congrats!! Actually, you all did it and should be very proud of your selves. It takes team work to make a dream work, right?! God bless and looking forward to your safe return. I am right in town, please call on me for help. I have a very flexible schedule. Great news! Can not wait to see Pinky and Holly!xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo Love, Melanie, Dave, Alex, Jude and Max woof!

  3. Best News I've heard this year!!!! Look forward to seeing you to welcome you home. What's that takes a town to raise a child.....well, in this case it took a family to heal Pinky - and everyone did a WONDERFUL job.

    See you soon........Laura

    SO PROUD OF YOU PINKY! GOD BLESS YOU and your family for all their love and support!!
    Cannot wait to see you and give you a BIG HUG!!
    Rosanna & Ken xoxo

  5. omg what incredible news!! can't wait to see you!! even though you couldn't walk, you did climb a mountain last year! you worked (and are still working) so, so hard. you are truly amazing and 2010 will be your year! all good things for the pinkster! much love MUAH!!!
    lauren the mudslut

  6. OMG Great News!!!!Cant wait to get in line to give you some love...God Bless The Pinkster!!!!love you..Laurie R.xoxoxoxoxo

  7. I only got the opportunity to meet Pinky once but it was a wonderful meeting. Her house is just so amazing and it made me realize just how gifted and creative she is. I have a portrait of my dog done by her in my living room and I love it. I bought one for my sister of her dog as well and she has it as a focal point in her home. I am quite jealous that my sister got to have drawings of all three of her children done by Pinky.She has them displayed in the children's bathroom and they are just spectacular. I just want Pinky to know that although we really barely know one another her gifts and her life is always on my mind. I pray for her recovery and hope she knows that people like me are out there hoping and asking God for a full recovery so she can continue to do the things that she loves and that inspire others.