Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hello everyone,

I have been away from Pinky for 6 weeks. The progress as all of you have seen with the video that Steve and Holly posted last, is quite impressive. I did a transfer (moving her from bed to chair or chair to pool etc.)with mom when I got here and her improvement is huge, Last time I was here I would have to lift all of mom's weight this time only about 20% she lifts the rest of her weight. It was so great to see such improvement. Now mom really needs to work on all of her small muscles too(core muscles) she needs all these so she can move around in bed and get out of the bed. When I was here last, mom had so much pain that it really broke my heart, this time the pain is down to a minimum, which keeps every ones spirits high. Because of the pain she was experiancing she got spasms which brought her arm progress way back, her arms have alot of tone(muscles are tight) they are getting better now with everyones efforts but I must tell you all, it is a battle of epic poportions, her progress is slow and tedious, 2 steps forward one step back. Since mom wakes until she gets into bed about 8 or 9 at night they work, mom wants her life back, so we all know if you want something bad enought, it isn't just gonna happen, you got to work for it. Thanks for all her letters and prayers they are always welcome and they work with her spirits.

Pinky's daughter,

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  1. Beth, tell your mom that she would make ethel merman (I think that's how its spell)...we all still miss her deeply here..but so glad to see so much improvement...go pinkie go pinkie...well I'm going to call it a night - have a honey of a night, sweet dreams my friends! grace & peace 2 "U" Love Marlene (Number 2)