Monday, April 6, 2009


An extra special thanks to all who attended mom's "funraiser" last week. Pinky cried for 3 hours straight while watching via hidden camera. I can't even imagine how much love she felt while watching all those amazing people gathered just for her. THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING MY MOM FELL SO LOVED!
On our front this week; Pinky got to go into the therapy pool for the first time Friday. Wow, what a difference no gravity makes. She was like a like guppy swimming around feeling her body out of a bed or a wheelchair. We have paid to use the pool 3 times a week and went again this afternoon. It helps so much to loosen her muscles and to feel weightless. Another added bonus is the shower room after that we have use of. Pinky hasn't been bathed with full on water since December. Our bathroom is too small us to transfer her into. But don't get the wrong idea, we DO bathe the beloved Pinky with bed bathes. It sounds so horrible to say she hasn't showered in 3 months. We are looking into our local YMCA to see about swimming everyday.
Mom's therapist Rose made a house call today (don't tell her boss) with her two amazing boys . Being at home made mom feel so comfortable verse being at the rehab hospital. The florescent lighting effects her and the whole vibe of the place brings her down so working out at home was great. Thank you Rose, Xavier, and Gabriel for coming over to play.
Pinky's pain level has been manageable for the past few days and she has been sleeping well. Let's keep praying for more better days. Thanks again for all the love.

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  1. Go Pinky Go Pinky - Do the back stroke slide slide...okay sorry I just had to break out in song - thank gosh you didn't have to be subject to my singing LOL...Holly like I said to Beth in the previous entry - your mom's gala was a blast and the love that was in that room was an awesome feeling...keep up the good work...if I don't get to comment before Easter - have a Joyous and many blessings to everyone during this Easter season! Grace & Peace & Love 2 "U" all ....Marlene No. #2 :O)